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  • Exceptional Buyer representation!  Our expertise will ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish.
  • One-stop shopping for mortgage, title and insurance through our affiliated businesses.
  • Negotiating power through our situational expertise and advanced knowledge of the contracts and processes involved.
  • Full service from start to finish and beyond.  I build the bulk of my business through referrals and I would like the opportunity to make you, your friends, family and business associates clients for life.

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Purchasing a home can be a daunting task, from mortgage companies, to realtors, to home inspectors.  Getting from start to finish involves quite a bit of work on the part of the purchaser but in the end, it is always worth that effort.  Below are the steps you will need to take to ensure a smooth process.  

Step one:  Enter into a Business Relationship Agreement with a REALTOR.  This ensures that your interests will be represented by a professional.  Great realtors don't just take you shopping, but rather ensure that throughout the transaction you are constantly alerted of the next steps you need to make a smooth transaction possible, always with your best interest at heart.

Step two:   Begin the mortgage process.  Many people think, "Why bother until I find a house?"  The answer is simple.  Without being pre-approved by a bank or mortgage broker, most listing agents and sellers won't even contemplate an offer on their property without that letter attached.  The second reason is that it is best to determine your price range and monthly payment comfort level, early on.  This will give you a clearer picture of the costs involved in purchasing your home and will help you determine which type of mortgage is best for you.  I have partnered with Guaranty Northeast Bank to provide our clients with one-stop shopping, ensuring that the mortgage process is a positive experience with a competitive rate, professional service and no surprises.

Step three:  Find a home.  This step is not always as simple as it seems, with many properties going off the market almost as quickly as they come on.  Being one of the first to know is important.  By utilizing my email update system, you will receive new listings matching your criteria within 24 hours of their being listed.  As clients of mine, you will also have me monitoring the market, keeping my ears open for quiet listings and doing everything I can to make sure that you find that perfect house. 

Step four:  We found the home, let?s make an offer.  There is a lot that goes into making an offer besides just the price and settlement date.  From mortgage contingencies, to inspections, this 22 page Agreement of Sale can be quite a lot to take in.  My knowledge will help guide you through the Agreement of Sale, discussing and making suggestions as to the best ways to move forward.  Each house is different, some have septic systems that require Waste Water Contingencies, others have a Well, that require Well Water Contingencies.  I make sure you are covered the whole way through, always ensuring that your best interests are being represented.  My situational expertise at negotiating residential real estate will aid you during negotiations with the other party.

Step five:  Your offer was accepted!  Now that you are under contract the fun begins.  First, I forward over all necessary documentation to your mortgage company in order for them to begin the process of obtaining your final commitment.  Next, I help to schedule your inspections: General Home, Termite, Radon, etc.  Once the inspections are performed and should you decide to continue with the purchase, I will order title insurance for you, guide you through the mortgage process, help you obtain homeowner's insurance, recommend moving companies and more.

Step six:  Settlement.  Today is the big day, all has been completed in accordance with the contract and today you get your keys and deed.  First, we take our final visit to the home to make sure the property is broom clean and clear of all the seller's personal belongings.  By visiting the home on the day of settlement, we make sure no walls were damaged by the move and no other changes have occurred to the property since your inspections.  At settlement it is a matter of signing all the documentation for your mortgage, reviewing your final closing costs, and signing the HUD sheet and deed.  Time to move in!

Contact me today on my direct line at 610-520-0647 or email me to get started finding that perfect home.  I look forward to making you a client for life!