Enjoy success in the sale of your home with our proven marketing system.

  • Full-Color floor plan brochure with high-quality, wide-angle digital photography
  • Effective internet marketing - multiple website exposure, enhanced listing on Realtor.com and RE/MAX.com as well as listed on every other brokerage firm subscribing to the MLS's broker reciporcity system (CB, PFR, Weichert)
  • Targeted print advertisements
  • Direct mail campaign to top buyer's agents in the area
  • MLS exposure

Remember, finding a buyer for your home is only the first step towards a successful transaction.  From negotiating favorable contract terms, to navigating the various mortgage and inspection contingencies and coordinating the purchase of your next home, I will ensure you have a positive transaction from start to finish.

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Selling your home is not an event, it is a process.  From the initial listing interview to settlement and beyond, my goal is to provide my clients with the absolute best seller services available in real estate today.  My unique approach to marketing residential real estate has continued to yield successful results for my clients.  My exclusive Home Profiles brochure will contain complete floor plans of your home, allowing prospective buyers to take "your home, home with them".  From intense internet marketing to direct agent marketing, I get the job done.  Call today for more details on how I can help you get the most money for your home in the least amount of time.

The information below will briefly discuss some of the steps involved in listing and selling your home.  For a more in depth explanation of services, or to find out how much your home might sell for in today's market give me a call at 610/520-0647 and ask for David.

Determining Price

After taking a look at your home and getting a feel for what your expectations are, I provide you with a pricing letter, which conveys the price I feel your property would be best received by the market.  My evaluation is based on past market activity (or comparable sales) as well as taking into consideration the active market from the buyer?s perspective.  I believe that the past should only be used as a guideline.  It is the active competition, currently for sale, which most often influences a qualified buyer to bid on one property at one price rather than another property at a different price. 

For example, if there have been three sales for properties similar to your own that have recently transacted at ~$380,000, then based on the past market performance one would be convinced that your property should be worth about the same.  However, if during the past three years at least three to four properties sold each year and yours is currently the only one being offered, then the supply and demand theory has substantial influence over the value.  Limited supply with consistent buyer-demand dictates a higher value.  Conversely, recent comparable sales at about $400,000 with 5 to 6 similar properties currently for sale at the same time would cause the value of a property to decline.  This is due to the increased competition.  The final say is yours of course, and the pricing letter is only to be used as a guideline.

It is important to properly price your home from the start, because frequent price reductions or extensive marketing time can have a negative effect on how the property is being perceived by the public.  Typically, buyers ask "what is wrong with it?", "is the seller serious in wanting to sell?" and things of that nature when presented with info on a property that has either sat on the market or been reduced in price a number of times.  Another downside is that you are losing potential buyers that may have been interested if the home was properly priced.  The greatest activity occurs during the first three weeks of being on the market.  Being priced appropriately helps maximize this period of activity.

Listing your home

I have systemized the majority of the processes involved in listing your home, enabling us to have your home up and on the market in only one day!  Whether it is the day of the interview, or after you have interviewed a number of agents, I hire a company to personally measure each room of your home, taking notes on all the amenities your home has to offer.  These measurements are then used to create accurate floor plans; the notes are used to develop the copy that accompanies the floor plans in your brochure.  The same day a FOR SALE sign is placed in front of your home (two if a corner lot) an electronic lockbox is attached to your door with a key to facilitate ease of showing while ensuring safety.  During this time I ask you to review the listing contract for any questions you may have, in addition to filling out the Seller's Property Disclosure Statement necessary to list your home.  

Upon arriving back at my office I enter your property's information into the Multiple Listing Service and announce via my office Voice Mail system my new listing, inviting all to come and enjoy refreshments at my broker's open the following Tuesday.  I then begin drafting the floor plan brochure (Home Profiles), and direct agent marketing flier (Home Prospectus) both of which are discussed in more detail the next section.  This is just the beginning!

Marketing your property

As previously mentioned my Home Profiles brochure is the cornerstone of my marketing, providing detailed floor plans along with all the information a buyer would want when viewing a home.  The average buyer sees between 5 and 12 homes in a day, and typically only remembers the first house and the last house they have seen.  My brochure makes sure your home stays fresh in their mind.  

In addition to marketing geared towards the buyer, I market to the agents that are working with the buyers.  Similar to how drug companies market to doctors and not the consumer, I market to the agents who are working with the future buyer of your home.  Statistics show that over 85% of the time there are two agents involved in a transaction, one representing the seller, and one representing the buyer.  What that means to you is that 85% of the time, an agent is currently working with the future buyer of your home.  By marketing to the top buyers' agents in the area I ensure that your property is at the front of their mind.  How do I do it?  Every week my Home Prospectus is delivered to over 500 of the best agents in the area.  This Prospectus is a scaled down version of the Home Profiles providing the agents with floor plans, salient features, amenities, and directs them to where more information can be obtained if interested.

Internet market exposure is key: your home will be featured on my site, my company and fellow agents' sites, enhanced showcase status on realtor.com and remax.com and more!

The above, of course, is just a sampling of all I do to market your home.  Call today for a more detailed Marketing Prospectus.

Negotiating the sale

Once a qualified buyer is found for your property I handle all negotiations with the buyer's agent on your behalf.  My thorough knowledge of the market and experience in negotiations allows me to make sure my clients receive the best terms possible.  A lot goes into an agreement of sale beyond just agreeing on the price. Items like settlement time frame, financing, inspection contingencies, sale of house contingencies etc., can make this a difficult area to navigate at times.  During this process I act as a consultant, making recommendations as I see fit.  The final say is, of course, always yours and it is my promise that you will never experience any sales pressure on my part.

Getting to the table

Even though the terms are agreed upon and the contract is executed, the transaction is just getting started.  The contingency phase of the transaction is where most of the difficult problems can occur.  My experience at handling even the most difficult surprises enable me to act as the 'glue' that holds the deal together.  At all times I am representing your best interests as the seller.

Settlement and beyond

My goal as an agent is simple: provide the best possible service to the consumer so they are compelled to continuously refer their friends, family and coworkers to me for all aspects of residential real estate.  This service doesn't stop at settlement, and many clients have become close friends, seeking my advice on everything from the best carpet color to remodeling their kitchen.  I want to be your realtor for life, so call me today.